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February Meetup at Mobiliteitsfabriek

19:00 Drinks & Welcome
~19:30 Talk (Jeroen van Gulik)
~20:30 Raffle! NomadPHP ticket + PhpStorm license
~20:40 Social & Drinks

Object Invariants, Immutability & You: Making Objects Do Your Bidding 

Code tells a story, but is it the actual story the original author wanted to tell? A lot of time the original story gets lost, as new functionality gets bolted on, or key parts are extracted, leaving behind an incomplete picture. These repurposed objects might pass all the unit tests but have no actual meaning in the context of the original story.

We will take a look at how we can more easily communicate the purpose of code to future developers, by introducing contracts and immutability, and using explicit context bound language, to give meaning to the code and keep the story whole.

Jeroen van der Gulik (@n0xie) is CTO at Isset, Builder of Artificial Stupidity, knows some things about scaling, learning a lot about DDD and modeling, enjoys long walks on the beach, likes cats.


Aan de Koningin Wilhelminalaan, naast de ingang van het congrescentrum Regardz, bevindt zich de ingang naar de ondergrondse parkeergarage. Je kunt je melden bovenaan de afrit. Vanuit de garage neem je de lift naar de begane grond.

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